Captain Marrs

Once a powerful warlord of Ro-Rex now a twisted half man who walks between the worlds of the living and dead.


Half Human / Half Pig Warlord


During the Year of Undoing Captain Marrs was the Warlord who led the Cult of Ro-Rex to the Isle of Scaalaee. He was an intelligent but zealous man who was destroyed by the final ward that protected the artifact hidden on the island.

Sa-Nah-Gig imprisoned his soul in one of her red pigs and uses him as a messenger to places she cannot tread. He can only briefly appear in the land of the living. And often is torn between feeling some of the simple comforts and completing his mission. His right leg is gnawed to the bone. His punishment for failing to complete one of his errands.

The Gambler removed a fragment of Chaos from Marrs in Scaalaee freeing him from Sa-Nah-Gig’s imprisonment. He was able to stay in the moral world of Lir but maintained a pig like humanoid appearance. He joined the Boys From Scaalaee in their investigation of the Deep Water Cult’s activities in town. He was slain in ill fated fight to stop the cult from raising a demon from the depths.

Once he returned to The Gloom as a true soul Sa-Nah-Gig allowed him to remain unabsorbed into her multitude for reasons that she alone knows. He wandered the vast wastes of the Gloom for centuries investigating it and meeting the living and dead that pass into that cold realm.

Captain Marrs

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