Bugard the Ritualist

Priest of The Dawn who helped complete the hiding ritual in the tunnels below Marlone and who carries half of Drugal's soul.


A living Ro-Rex follower trained in the arcane. His expertise with rituals seems to be great.


Bugard once was Shamus, a cranky sea navigator from The Gazing Rim. He was old in years and has a bum left leg that causes him to walk with a slow pronounced limp. He often wore a cap with a red star which was the symbol of trained navigators of the sea. An old tradition on Lir.

Shamus was the navigator for the ill fated expedition from Gazing Rim that came to the Isle of Scaalaee to destroy an artifact of immense power. Shamus was a not a follower of Ro-Rex but had been “recruited” by the Ro-Rex followers led by Captain Marrs for his skills at navigation. He managed to locate the lost island in the troubled Sea of Lir-Khan.

When the final ward protecting the artifact killed all the Welded on or near the island. Shamus and a few other crew members found themselves hiding below decks. He used an old seaman’s ritual to prevent the townspeople from setting fire to the Phyllia as they torched the outlander craft in fear. Unable to destroy the craft the townspeople of Scaalaee wrecked the mast and set it adrift.

Coming up from below deck where they had hidden themselves. Shamus and remaining crew with great effort beached the ship far north near Hermit’s Point.

He was befriended by the Boys from Scaalaee while shipwrecked and with their aid repaired the Phyllia and sailed north. He has faithfully remained by their side through many wondrous and terrible events. Agents of Floatsom Shine were able to bring Shamus’ family out of the Gazing Rim and he is currently sailing them back to Scaalaee to live with the Outcast.

When the demon armies of Zatch and his allies raided Scaalaee looking for ancient rituals in the vaults beneath the isle. Sliv fought in many battles and skirmishes on the island. When the ley powered turbines in the depths of the complex were overloaded and exploded. Sliv was caught in the massive explosion. He survived but found he had lost both of his legs. Menzer offered to save his life by giving him the gift of Cold Iron. Shamus accepted and became over time a senior member of the Iron Riders.

When the Iron Riders learned from Garlic that Durgal’s body would past away into dust after it caught up with the current time stream. Shamus volunteered to carry his mind forward into the centuries until Drugal was needed again. So that his body could remain in statis outside of time. A process that would normally drive a mind mad with waiting. The mind of Drugal was split between him and Sliv. Since no single creature could take the whole of another’s mind into their own without losting themselves completely.

Bugard was a ritualist of great power who had been sent to the ruins of Marlone by the Veiled Alliance and Iron Riders. There, he headed a small group of researchers and warriors who were attempting to find some way to enter of the ruined dome that held the remains of Mur. They were also charged with stopping outside forces from obtaining the Secret of Lir.

Once the ragtag heroes emerged from the desert and breached the guardians set around the dome by Zatch he aided them in removing it from the ruins. He was last seen headed east trying to draw attention from the party as they headed north into the Savage Mountains.

Bugard claims to be quite old. He referred to being alive when the city of Marlone was destroyed nearly a thousand years ago. It is now known that he and Boroff are the vessels for Drugal’s soul.

Bugard has a pet monkey covered in Ro-Rex metal, that is likely a dominated chaos orb. He is one of the last Iron Riders, who number less than a dozen.

Eventually Bugard fulfilled his true purpose. He traveled to the Throne of Lir where Drugal’s body laid in state. Boroff and Bugard entered the time bubble and returned Drugal’s mind intact to his body. Drugal was able to open the box and revealed to Daren the true nature of Father and asked Daren to trust him. Time quickly overtook all three of these ancient figures and they wasted away to dust in seconds.

Bugard the Ritualist

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