A bewildering hermit found in the rocky wastes south of Marlone's ruined wall that contains half the soul of Drugal


Boroff is known to have amazing powers of regeneration. He demostrated the power to the adventures by plunging a dagger into his chest and the wound healing instantly. This Sun-warp mutation has a strange side effect in that the flesh that grows back can resemble just about any type of living creature’s flesh.

He also seems to be well learned in herbs, folk cures, and salves.

Boroff is a campanion character.


In a previous life Boroff was a fangling known as Sliv. Sliv belonged to the Five Tribe Coalition that operated and sailed from Floatsum Shine. While civilized and known for their sea going empire. The Five Tribes had turned from straight privateers to a more business oriented protection racket along side normal trade.

Sliv grew up on the waves and like many young Fanglings joined the Tribal privateer fleet. He quickly rose to the rank of captain in the scout ships. He would spend many days at sea in an outrigger with his small crew shadowing merchant ships and monitoring competition.

On one such sortie Sliv’s outrigger crossed paths with the legendary Black Ship. A vessel known to the Fanglings as The Reaver. The ship’s allure drove many of his crew mad and swarms of mechanical creatures gnawing at the thin hull forced Sliv to board the dreaded ship.

Once on board Sliv’s crew was slowly captured or killed. All of them pulled down below deck to be fitted with Cold Iron of Chaos. So that the ship could resurrect them as new crew members. Wounded and alone he was eventually discovered and rescued by the Boys from Scaalaee. Onboard their ship the Phyllia he quickly showed his gratitude by helping with the sailing and showing them the way to Floatsom Shine when their supplies ran dangerously low.

It was Sliv who brought news of The Reaver’s destruction by the band of adventurers to the Mayor of Floatsum Shine. And he helped secure safe harbor and repairs while there.

While waiting for the ship to be repaired. Sliv, Markus, and Tal all sneaked off to look for treasure. Markus was killed and Sliv barely escaped with his life. He has been a bit more sober about life after that brush with death. But, he continued to sail with the boys and even bringing the Phyllia back to the Isle of Scaalaee to safeguard the families of Markus, Lin, and Shamus who escaped from The Gazing Rim as refugees.

When the demon armies of Zatch and his allies raided Scaalaee looking for ancient rituals in the vaults beneath the isle. Sliv fought in many battles and skirmishes on the island. When the ley powered turbines in the depths of the complex were overloaded and exploded. Sliv was caught in the massive explosion. He survived but found himself with strange regenerative powers. These powers also gave him a nearly immortal defense against aging.

For many years he lived in Marlone under Mur’s protection. It was here that Garlic and Menzer found him and revealed their plan to recover all that was lost. When Sliv learned that Durgal’s body would past away into dust after it caught up with the current time stream. He and Shamus volunteered to carry his mind forward into the centuries until Drugal was needed again. So that his body could remain in statis outside of time. A process that would normally drive a mind mad with waiting.

Boroff was first encountered in a rocky area dotted with caves at the foot of the great Marlone wall. South of this region lies the empty Blue Sand Flats. He spent centuries wandering the maze-like gullies between the stones with his pack lizard, looking for herbs and other curious things. He is not afraid to approach unknown creatures. Since his healing mutation has allowed him to survive numerous savages and beasts. In his own words, “I’ve been left for dead a bunch.”

He is an extremely mutated Fangling covered with overgrown scar tissue and strange patchs of skin, fur, scales, and even feathers. His left arm is completely scaled like a lizard while the left side of his faces is feathered like a desert hawk. His skin is also various colors and complexions. Any wound inflicted on him has been shown to heal almost instantly, but the skin that grows back can be of any origin in the animal kingdom.

He has hinted that he is in hiding for the knowledge that he knows in regards to the “great god” that is no more. Boroff has also claimed to have met and shared a friendship with a mysterious and powerful Druid named Drugal. He seems to have a great knowledge of the world’s secret history.

The adventurers first met him when he aided a small band of them. They had just managed to cross the Blue Sand Flats on foot after escaping from slavery. Later the party returned to aid him after his location was betrayed to a sentient chaos orb of The Night who ingested Ranor Karregn in order to scour his mind. After that rescue, he joined with the party and has remained with them ever since.

During his rescue, it was revealed that Boroff contains half of Drugal’s soul, and was in fact once a fangling named Sliv, a companion of the Boys from Scaalalee. He believes that other half of Drugal’s soul was contained in a being who’s name also begins with an S. This being is now known to be Bugard, a high ranking member of the Veiled Alliance and one of the few remaining Iron Riders.

On several occasions, the telepath Malharath has formed a mental bond to aid Boroff in accessing Drugal’s memories. Each time their minds touch a psychic scream is sent forth. This scream can be heard by those with the talent for a large distance. This contact hurts Malharath significantly, and appears to increase relative to the strength of the connection.

Eventually Boroff fulfilled his true purpose. He traveled to the Throne of Lir where Drugal’s body laid in state. Boroff and Shamus, who now went by the name of Bugard, entered the time bubble and returned Drugal’s mind intact to his body. Drugal was able to open the box and revealed to Daren that the true nature of Father and asked Daren to trust him. Time quickly overtook all three of these ancient figures and they wasted away to dust in seconds.


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