Bitta the Thin


Bitta grew up as a sensitive soul in a family of driven merchants. He would rather be investing his time enjoying the thrills of art and song but found himself managing his family business. Desiring not to fail he joined in a long term business relationship with O’sum and Murkle to form the The Three Winds Merchant Guild. Bitta is the most shrewd of the Three Winds but filled with some whimsy. He deals in arms and rare commodities, as well as slaves.

Bitta was among the first to grant favor to the Keepers of Lir in Kantan, as well as soliciting other factions to turn against those dealing with The Night. When the uprising against the Cos Brothers came to its bloody finale, he brought his soldiers and trusted lieutenant, and was among those fighting alongside The Keepers of Lir.

Following the battle of Kantan the Three Winds were taken prisoner by the Iron Riders. The Keepers of Lir stood by the Three Winds in the trial that would decide their fate. The Iron Riders agreed to spare their lives if they served the cause faithfully. Bitta remains with the Veiled Alliance beneath Buma-Tu, using his resources of knowledge of dark dealings to aid the fight against the forces that would prevent the New Dawn.

Bitta the Thin

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