Yadina's brother who still remains in slavery.


Bed is Yadina’s twin brother. He shares the same jet-black skin and golden eyes that his sister has and is only a few inches taller than his sister. He is quiet and stubborn like his sister, but has a wild streak in him that makes him outwardly headstrong and sometimes brash.


Bed – along with his sister Yadina – was sold into Sep’Tu‘s holdings of slaves by their mother in an attempt to ensure that the twins would stay together. Though both were part of Sep’Tu‘s slave holdings their paths were very different, whereas Yadina was sent to battle in the arenas, Bed was placed as a house servant in Sep’Tu‘s walled Buma-Tu manse. Though not subjected to the horrors of arena life, Bed’s life was no more cushy, as life under Sep’Tu’s service could be just as cruel and bloody.

After securing Yadina and his escape under the protection of the abolitionists in the Followers of the Gourd, Bed was captured in a scuffle as they made their way out through the underground tunnels of Buma-Tu.

Bed’s whereabouts are unknown but are thought to be somewhere within Buma-Tu.


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