Dark Skies

Lir's Deputy - Reborn

Deep in the Broken Mountains, Lir's emissary is called forth by The Secret

The party has a final parlay with The Speaker during the night. Mika is brought into the fold, by the swearing of oaths upon The Secret, in the pre-dawn hours.

The journey continues eastward, with the fortune of shelter, water, and food being found easily enough while on the tracks of the wagon and its captors. During the third night of travel, a lone Zatch scout is discovered near camp, ambushed, and slain, prompting the wary seekers to immediately break camp. The trail turns northward, where two survivors of QQ’s fighting men, Tarak and Bami, are found. The familiar fighting men join ranks with the party and continue the pursuit of what all hope are QQ’s company.

Pursuit continues for another three days through the side canyon. Strange ancient ruins and glyphs are seen with increasing frequency, until on the final day the canyon opens into a massive bowl lined with cliff dwellings and two massive sets of stone doors. A frantic Boroff leads the party through the far door into a pristine and grandiose ancient temple of Lir carved from the stone itself. While inside, the party experiences the reincarnation of Lir’s chosen son, Rande, and learns the tragic details of Garlic’s sacrifice of Lir in order to summon the draconian and banish Ro-Rex.

From there, the party follow the tracks into the second door, where the smashed wagon and its captors are found. The aberrations are quickly dispatched, the strange complex is explored, and it’s demented denizen’s confronted.




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