Dark Skies

A Shadow of the Past

A narrow escape is followed by betrayal and loss

Before the party has time to contemplate their next move, the massive flying stone galleons begin converging from all directions. Their escape aboard the skiff is aided by the unexpected arrival of forces loyal to Malharath’s tribe. Flight takes them across the Lir Khan silt sea aboard the overladen skiff. At Boroff’s urging, they make landfall south of the tower in order to find materials necessary to bring Wodewick out of his coma.

During the night, Mika the warlock discovers the party and senses the presence of The Secret. There is some mistrust of her motives, but she provides invaluable knowledge to the party, and joins the journey north to the tower.

Things take a worrisome turn at the tower, which is strewn with recent signs of battle. Disregarding the setting sun, they turn east into the mountain to follow what they hope is the last of QQ’s caravan. During the night they are confronted by the servants of the God-Emporer, lead by an ancient nemesis of Boroff who seeks The Secret for his master. The party is betrayed, and the battle is won with great cost.




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