Dark Skies

The Wastes Giveth and Taketh Away (Howling Wastes - Part II)

Quarry is taken, providing much needed food, but the hunt draws unwanted attention from the wastes and I'Chola's servants.

As, the snow while senses it’s pursuit, it changes it course, prompting Malharath, Glysh, and Dusting to break off in order to cut off the quarry’s escape, and allowing the main party to overtake it and swiftly dispatch it. As the slaughter of the beast commences, a terror from the wastes comes to challenge the hunters for their prize.

After the violent confrontation, the flanking group is seen heading off along the ley line. The expedition is resumed, on the trail of the other party members, leading into a trap sprung by I’Chola’s ghoulish servants.

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