Dark Skies

The Howling Wastes - Part 1

Gar-Loa-Vox's destruction of the rune portal forces The Keepers to follow a ley line across the glacial wastes in search of an exit.

Above the prison, the Keepers survey the frozen mummified and barely recognizable remains of The Boys from Scaalaee, who died in their attempt to stop Gar-Loa-Vox’s treachery thousands of years ago. Among the frozen carnage, Daren finds an ancient and still potent link to Lir that is quietly entrusted to a close ally. Up above, The Keepers and The Architect find themselves stranded in the Glacial Wastes, realm of the terrible Fey Other I’Chola, over 200 miles from either an active rune portal, or passage to the deserts of Lir. It is decided to set out for the portal, but only after time is taken to learn some of the knowledge The Architect wishes to convey.

The first few days traversing the Glacial Wastes are harsh and unlike anything The Keepers have ever seen.




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