Dark Skies

Epilogue - The Last Sea

A Great Other is reborn

“See the turtle of enormous girth! On her shell she holds the earth. Her thought is slow but always kind; She holds us all within her mind. On her back all vows are made; She sees the truth but mayn’t aid. She loves the land and loves the sea, And even loves a child like me.”

Lir is reborn in the last sea. Clouds gather rapidly overhead and a phalanx of water spouts rise upwards, signalling the start of the tempest, a storm great enough to remake Lir into an ocean once again.

Daren made the final and penultimate sacrifice in the service of his Goddess, and each of the other Keepers make their own choices in turn.



And here I thought I’d go all day without seeing a Dark Tower reference. Well done.

Epilogue - The Last Sea

Folks PM’ing me any DM approved fluff for the transition to the new campaign will have their story added as segment to the epilogue (here) and prologue (new campaign).

Epilogue - The Last Sea

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